Sisters of St. Joseph (S.S.J. and C.S.J.)

Does loving God and neighbor without distinction stir your heart and energize you for living in today’s world? In 1640, six ordinary women came together to share their gift of God’s love. They prayed daily, lived simply in community and responded to the needs of their time. Over 360 years later, this same mission continues in over 50 countries worldwide. We are vowed religious women from all walks of life who share the mission of Jesus, “that all may be one”. We do this through prayer, living in community, and responding to the needs of our time. Our mission calls us to work toward union of God and neighbor without distinction. Together with our Associates, Agrégées, and Volunteers, we respond to the needs of our Church and world with compassion, creativity, and courage by using our individual and collective gifts in a variety of ways. Live the challenge of the Gospel with us!

As Sisters of Saint Joseph, what we hold in common is the quest for God in our lives as well as the desire to be Gospel-centered women. For us, this search leads to action in the world. Using our talents, expertise, and networks we find the best ways to help others ~ serving our neighbors, all people, no matter whom they are or where they find themselves, is the Sisters of Saint Joseph mission. Our Sisters, active and retired, work quietly addressing pressing societal needs and extending God’s presence to the countless persons we pray for and meet each day.

Some of our communities use the initials C.S.J. others use S.S.J. Collectively, we’ve started using C.S.S.J. for our collaborative efforts as Sisters of St. Joseph.